(Untitled #42)

(Untitled #42) | A weeklong pop-up in Los Angeles

February 24 - March 2, 2024

It is with great honor & gratitude that we announce (Untitled, #42) a weeklong group exhibition in the gallery’s home city of Los Angeles, marking 42 years since we opened our doors in 1982. This anniversary exhibition is a celebration of the gallery’s history & the artists we’ve had the privilege of showing and working with over the years, and also serves to acknowledge the distinguished legacy of gallery founder, Marti Koplin. For us, this show is a reflective love-letter as we consider the last 40+ years in art & business and what it means to continuously adapt, evolve, endure & transform as a decidedly small entity centered on art & artists. Loosely shaped around notions of continuum, lineage & adaptation, the exhibition will include work from long-time gallery artists such as Joan Brown, Kerry James Marshall, Robert Pruitt & Laurie Hogin, and, serve to introduce artists from the Pacific Northwest who we’ve recently added to our roster after a relocation to Seattle in 2016. We are proud, throughout our history, to have remained deliberate in our commitment to art & artists, relying on meaningful relationships, and guided by instinct and integrity in the way that we operate day to day.

About Koplin Del Rio
Koplin Gallery opened in 1982 in West Hollywood, with an exhibition of Joan Brown’s sculpture and painting. Over the years, the gallery went on to exhibit artists such as Robert Colescott, Sam Giliam, Kerry James Marshall, Annie Leibovitz, David Ligare, John Nava, James Doolin, Kent Twitchell, Richard Wyatt, Gaylen Hansen, Yuriko Yamaguchi and many others. Eleana Del Rio joined the gallery in 1989 as a gallery assistant and after 13 years under the mentorship of Marti Koplin acquired the gallery in 2003, when it became “Koplin Del Rio.” Eleana continues to steward an enduring vision for the gallery, and to expand on its legacy and breadth by adding artists from the Northwest, after relocating to Seattle in 2016.

About Marti Koplin
Now at 92, Marti still lives in her art-filled home in Los Angeles, and continues to regularly make the rounds on the gallery and museum circuits. Raised in Chicago, and exposed to art from a young age through her extended family, Marti chose a career in the arts, and went on to study and practice dance & therapy. In 1981 Marti, with the loving partnership of her husband Allen, renovated Nicholas Wilder’s historic space in West Hollywood and officially opened Koplin Gallery in January of the following year with an iconic exhibition of Joan Brown’s sculpture and paintings. Marti’s history with dancers, movement and the body guided her to establish a gallery program centered around a figurative narrative, and the long-term stewardship of artists careers.

Location: Mixografia | Downtown Los Angeles | 1419 East Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90011