Ocean Tide_72dpi

Ocean Tide- 2022, charcoal and coffee on paper, 52.5 x 60 inches inches

Ocean Tide

Art on Paper 2022 | NY

Exhibition: September 8 - 11, 2022

Venue: Pier 36 | Downtown Manhattan
299 South St., New York, 10002

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the 2022 edition of Art on Paper, taking place at New York's Pier 36 from September 8 -11, 2022. We will be presenting a new series of works on paper, Gatherings, by David Bailin, along with a selection of recent works by Prinston Nnanna and Stacey Rozich.

Always working in Series', David Bailin builds scenarios where the characters inhabit an environment that is more stage set than real, uncanny spaces - unstable, filled with erasures and pentimento where correspondences, references, signs and symbols are buried within charcoal like so many pixels. Says the artist "For years the characters inhabiting my drawings persevered no matter how absurd that perseverance was – a hapless but heroic Buster Keaton inhabiting a Kafkaesque world. The drawings focused on that figure as he (it was always he) did battle with some crisis of minutia or conundrum.

But this self-contained and claustrophobic world began to feel too comfortable in a time of plague and politics. The anger, frustration and fear that seemed so removed from the earlier work took over. At first, it was a single running figure, camouflaged within a pointillist landscape that eventually morphed into the crowd of frenetic men searching for, lashing out against, or threatened by something unseen or unstated that may lay hidden nearby.

With the Gatherings series, my attention turns to the crowd. As with any fomented group, what threatens them is rarely real, but, unfortunately, it is they who will haunt our dreams."
- David Bailin

The latest works by Stacey Rozich continue the journey into her ever-expanding mythology of recurring characters, motifs, and strange environs. Inspired by dreams — many of these scenarios were envisioned during fitful nights — and inspired by Italian Renaissance Gothic themes and medieval bestiaries. The viewer is encouraged to plummet down a rabbit hole into a world of surrealistic delight, crafted in watercolor and gouache. These vibrantly rendered spaces contain mysterious figures, lavishly detailed textiles and lush botanicals suffused with humor and darkness in an outward expression of the artists innermost psychology.