Johanna Christianson: Was, Is, Will Be

Johanna Christianson: Was, Is, Will Be

Johanna Christianson

Exhibition: December 10, 2021 - January 29, 2022

Artist Reception: December 11, 2021, 6 - 8 pm

Koplin Del Rio is delighted to present ‘Was, Is, Will Be,' a solo exhibition of recent works by Seattle-based artist Johanna Christianson. Christianson’s vibrant, abstract compositions are evocative of anatomy & lush, varying landscapes, and are the product of an exploratory and meditative approach to painting and color interactions.

In the case of the works in ‘Was, Is, Will Be,’ the artist found herself drawn to the rhythmic process of braiding lengths of rope from single-use plastic which she had been collecting, and subsequently allowing her compositions to be guided by these objects, organically draped over blank canvas. Through what began as a seemingly mundane exercise, there emerged an emphasis on process, transformation, and space for reflection. The series includes new works as well as reworked earlier paintings; an extension of the artist's methodical approach to layering paint in order to achieve a sense of balance and visual harmony.

In viewing this group of paintings, there is a sense of aliveness and ease. Together they offer a gentle and introspective atmosphere, serving as a kind of visual and psychic salve, a soft and uncomplicated space to rest and breathe presented amidst the darkest days of the year.