Prinston Nnanna | The Way Back Home

Exhibition: July 23 - September 3, 2022

Reception: July 23, 2022

Koplin Del Rio Gallery is delighted to present The Way Back Home, the debut solo exhibition of New York based artist Prinston Nnanna. Rendered primarily in charcoal and ink on paper, the works in The Way Back Home offer a continuum of the artist's trajectory of exploring African American lineage, ancestry & spirituality and an approach to deepening and encouraging self knowledge and empowerment.

For this body of work, Nnanna was considering the definition and seeking of "home" whether pertaining to the physical, mental or spiritual space that occupies. Woven with historical references, symbols & personal mythology, with a specific emphasis on acknowledging and honoring the women in his life who shaped him, these drawings emphasize potential and possibility. Prinston's work broadly incorporates observations, insights, meditations and narratives from personal experience presented through masterful portraiture, with his richly rendered subjects emanating a sense of grace and elegance.

“One work alone communicates with its audience, collectively they communicate with themselves. Through the eyes of my ancestors I create what “was” and “will be”. - Prinston Nnanna