Stacey Rozich | Moments In Between

Stacey Rozich | Moments In Between

Exhibition: April 29 - June 3, 2023

Artist Reception: April 29 | 4 - 6pm

Koplin Del Rio Gallery is proud to present Moments In Between, an exhibition of works on paper by artist Stacey Rozich, marking her first solo presentation with the gallery.

This latest body of work continues along the artist's trajectory into an ever-expanding personal mythology, influenced by nights of fitful dreams, Renaissance painting and keen observations on modern life in all its absurdity. Crafted in watercolor and gouache, each vibrantly rendered painting invites the viewer into a layered vignette, often composed of mysterious, hybrid characters, lush botanicals and lavish patterns situated amidst strange environs.

Compelled by the enigmatic notion that our everyday lives may coexist beside a fully-realized alternate realm, Rozich’s work demands closer inspection. Each animated scenario, akin to a film still, offers a glimpse into a possible parallel world and narrative unfolding, inviting interpretation from the viewer/voyeur. In her world-building approach, the artist has created a distinct cast of wild characters, comprised of a fantastical collage of archetypes assuming various roles; whether convening over a decadent feast, enjoying a moment of languid relaxation or ritual, strolling casually, chips in hand, or glancing askew at the viewer while dealing a hand of poker. In this vast imagined plane there is both a sense of playfulness and an underlying current of anxiety - a balance of innocent joy and presence of the heretical. Rozich's singular pairing of humor with darkness, ancient with modern, suggests this surreality may not be so different from our own lived experience.